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Through Cloud One Market, without leaving your home and without any tax restrictions, you can freely trade. With just a few clicks, you can immediately take a place in the international markets and create your own trading plan

Dropshipping Car auction Construction Projects

Unique opportunity

Through simplified cloud technologies, minute-by-minute updates and unique trading plans, trading on international markets is now possible with just a few clicks.

Cloud One Market Mobile Technologies
Cloud One Market Mobile
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Cloud One Market Mobile Technologies

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Through the mobile application, which you can access from all platforms, you can follow your trades at any time or create a new trading plan. Through our dedicated mobile notification system, you can instantly view all the events on your market in your phone. Our mobile applications will be at your service as soon as possible.

Benefits of trading on Cloud One Market

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  • No costs for company registration and paperwork
  • No office and staff costs
  • No restrictions and no fear of being blocked
  • No hidden fees or taxes
  • International trade in one click - on your cloud!
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Car auctions in the cloud market

Contract for auctions with more than 20 banks in 7 countries

Offshore companies and anonymous companies were created in many countries to ensure a more stable and faster operation of the cloud market. Through these companies direct contracts for tenders with more than 20 banks have been concluded. Under mutual agreements, the confiscated car can be purchased directly. no auction. Through the capital increase that we are implementing in accordance with our goals and plans, in the first quarter of 2022 agreements will be concluded with more than 500 bank branches in more than 20 countries.

Agreements and Contracts


2029 targeted roadmap where all projects of the Cloud One group of companies will be covered.

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Cloud One Mining

The second project of our cloud network will be Mining. Our infrastructure work for Mining is planned to be completed in the last quarter of 2022. We will establish the world's largest cloud mining network with cloud crypto currency mining!

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Cloud One Coin

The third project of our cloud network will be Coin. Cloud One Coin, which will be designed to be actively used in all projects of Cloud One, will be open source. You can learn all the details from the whitepapers that will be published during the ICO period 2 months before the project is published.

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Cloud One Chain && Cloud One Ledger

Chain will be the fourth project of our cloud network. It is the blockchain infrastructure that will be used only for COC with the release of all Cloud One Coins. It will support many other cryptocurrencies except COC with its Online and Hardware wallet infrastructure.

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Cloud One Exchange

The fifth project of our cloud network will be Exchange. We will bring cloud differentiation to the Exchange world. It was designed as an exchange that will surpass many exchange projects with its free and flexible infrastructure.

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Cloud One Pay

The sixth project of our cloud network will be Pay. The Cloud One Pay project, which will be used primarily in all Cloud One projects, will be integrated with current shopping sites in the future. It will be a payment gateway where all members of the Cloud One group of companies can pay with their common balances. .

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Cloud One Trade

The seventh project of our cloud network will be Trade. It has been designed as a platform where all people can trade freely on the cloud. With the freedom and flexibility of the cloud infrastructure, it will be a platform where people can open stores or shop freely.

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Cloud One Bank

Bank will be the eighth project of our cloud network. As Cloud One, we believe that official banks will leave their place to the online sector in the world of the future. The last point of our roadmap is our Bank project. After the Cloud One group of companies activates its last project, its external dependency will completely disappear.

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